Intellectual property rights

Can Marimekko fabrics be used to make products for sale?

Marimekko’s patterns are well known in Finland and globally, and they are protected by intellectual property rights. The protection also covers the related reputation. That is why we do not allow commercial use of our fabrics, which means the manufacture of products for commercial purposes. Commercial purposes refer to business operations aimed at gaining financial benefit. You can, of course, make crafts and products for yourself or as gifts.

Can Marimekko fabrics or patterns be used to make craft instructions?

Since Marimekko’s patterns are protected by intellectual property rights, we do not allow the manufacture or distribution of craft instructions that contain an image of Marimekko’s fabric or pattern. Such an instruction may be, for example, a knitting instruction advising how to make a sweater from Marimekko’s pattern, or an instruction on how to make a keychain with an image using Marimekko’s fabric. Of course, photos of crafts made for yourself or as a gift can be shared as inspiration to others.