Marimekko new collection 2021

The Treats for Life Collection

Exuding genuine joie de vivre, the second collection of our anniversary year takes a playful approach to the art of printmaking with an abundance of summery treats. It all started with a dress in 1951. Now, let’s get ready to celebrate with flair!

Delicious by design

Bold self-expression and empowering ease. Our fabulous new styles carry the most delicious pattern designs of them all: the 1967 Mansikka (strawberry), the 1969 Mansikkavuoret (strawberry mountains), and the 1964 Unikko (poppy), each of which were created by Maija Isola.

Both presenting the dreamlike Mansikkavuoret print in sherbet shades, the billowy Jylhä silk dress has puffed sleeves, whereas the Juureni silk dress is adorned with the season’s beautiful bow details. Say hello to the brighter days ahead!

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing
Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing

Made of recycled polyester, the crinkled Lennellä dress in the delightful Mansikka print holds a promise of fun summer memories. This true ready-to-wear dress comes in a practical pouch to be carried along wherever you’re headed.

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing

The gorgeous statement leg Uneksuu pants and Laituri top, both made of a cotton and linen blend, feature the boldest of florals, Unikko – this impeccable ensemble is the embodiment of joy!

Wear-everywhere freshness

An archetypic Marimekko dress silhouette, the crisp Herkku shirt dress carries the delightfully fresh 1970 Tori (marketplace) pattern. The Kauniita aloha shirt and the Paistaa cotton poplin shorts in the pastel yellow 1964 Unikko (poppy) print have all it takes to become this season’s go-to pieces for your urban explorations. All these items are printed in Helsinki.

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing
Marimekko bagsMarimekko bags

Mesmerizing Melooni

Take your place in the sun! In line with the Marimekko aesthetic, natural themes combine beautifully with minimalistic design. 

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing

This summer’s simple silhouettes act as perfect canvases for Maija Isola’s 1963 Melooni (melon), a large, laid-back pattern of stylized natural forms.

Dreamy lavender meets bold blossoms

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing

This sweet match, featuring the iconic Unikko (poppy) print, is now available in the beautiful, fitted Loistees jean jacket and fun Kauvan trousers made of cotton twill printed in Marimekko’s own printing factory in Helsinki.

Breezy pieces, yummy hues

Featuring this season’s yummiest hues, the Aalloilla dress in the painterly new Mehu (juice) pattern enthralls with its femininity, pleated cuffs and a wide bow belt.

Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing
Marimekko clothingMarimekko clothing

For Marimekko, it all started with a dress in 1951 – Marimekko is Finnish for Mari’s dress. An emblem for people who walk their own path with confidence and style, the timeless Marimekko dress has always conveyed a positive and empowering message: be yourself. Our dress is a philosophy of equality, optimism and joy. Anything can be done in a dress, and anyone can wear a dress.

Marimekko PäärynäMarimekko Päärynä

The simple and sophisticated Aaltoilee dress in the Linssi (lens) print is made of elegantly shimmering silk. The Aikansa dress reflects playfulness with its evergreen Päärynä (pear) placement print, puffed sleeves and a bow at the back of the neck. Dress up for yourself – and enjoy the empowering ease of the dress.

To put a cheerful and chic final touch on your new look, pick a canvas-leather bag from our Sorea series, made with fabrics printed in Helsinki, Finland.

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