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Marimekko is a Finnish design house founded in 1951. For seventy years, the unmistakable Marimekko prints have been worn as bold badges of positivity and personal empowerment. 

Our lifelong mission is to bring color and joy into lives and homes everywhere and encourage people to be happy as they are. Striped, checked, and floral prints in bold colors make up a rich artistic legacy. Over the years, our designers have created some 3,500 print designs, which have graced everything from dresses and bags to ceramics, fabrics, and more. Proving their timeless appeal, the iconic prints have been reborn time and again in thousands of imaginative color palettes. And each year, new pieces of printed artworks are introduced to an ever-evolving collection.

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The way we see the world can change the world! The ever-curious Marimekko designers have always been open to the world around them, drawing inspiration from nature’s diversity.​

Alongside new, lower-impact materials and practices, the catalyst for our pre-fall 2021 collection is harmonious and respectful coexistence with the entire ecosystem surrounding us. The delicate rawness of the new-season fabrics, organic tones and Marimekko’s whimsical take on animal prints have all been inspired by nature’s perfect imperfections. The iconic Unikko (poppy) print and Kaksoset print, featuring enchanting wild leopard twins by Maija Isola, are the stars of the collection – sparking pure non-conformist confidence. 

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Natural textures, animal inspiration and artisanal accents are the major components of Marimekko’s home for the new season. Designed with longevity in mind, the Oiva (superb) tableware pieces now carry the Unikko (poppy) print and the Kaksoset (twins) design in the beautiful shades of the season.

The gorgeously gigantic Suur-Unikko (giant poppy) brings joy as a fabric and in the newest edition of our anniversary mug set – make sure to get your own keepsake!

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