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Win a 10th Anniversary Oiva Dinner set

Celebrate a decade of timeless design with us!


Describe your perfect birthday celebration for your chance to win a dinner set for eight people, worth over $1500!*


The winner will receive:


10 year Oiva coffee cup 2 dl x 8 ($28 each = $224)

10 year Oiva 20cm plate x 8 ($47 each = $376)

10 year Oiva 2.5dl deep plate x 8 ($45 each = $360)

Oiva 25cm plate x 8 ($49 each = $392)

Rasymatto Interior Cloth x 1 ($195)


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Win a marimekko dinner set

Win a dinner set for eight, including these items:

10th Anniversary of Marimekko's Oiva tableware

Together for years to come

In 2019, we raise a toast for Marimekko’s contemporary classic, Oiva (superb) tableware. Oiva’s story began a decade ago, when Marimekko designer Sami Ruotsalainen was asked to design a tableware range that would be relevant for the next 100 years and work perfectly together with Marimekko’s bold prints.

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