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Décor for the holidays

In our holiday-season interior collections, we travel to wintry Lapland. We revel in twilight shades and northern lights, the beauty of frosty days, the luminous moon. The silence. Then we move southwards, towards the coast, where the idyllic serenity of wooden houses invites us to take our place at long tables laden with holiday treats.

Finnishness, with its strong traditions of handicraft, knitting, and house-building, has been a powerful inspiration for our holiday collection, created by UK-based designer Sanna Annukka. The stunning printed fabrics Raanu, Kultakero and Vanhakaupunki and complementary interiors products reflect the designer’s childhood memories of Finland – from the fells of Lapland to the old harbour towns of the southern coast.

Shhh… The holidays. Moments in silence.