The playful and practical Oiva (superb) dishes are made from vitro porcelain, a high-fired and high-class material. Thanks to the high firing temperature, the surface of vitro porcelain is impenetrable to liquids and foodstuff. 

About proofness 

The dishes are dishwasher, oven, microwave oven and freezer proof. We recommend avoiding drastic temperature changes, as this may cause dishes to break if chipped. Please bear in mind that the Oiva dishes are not suitable for cooking food on the stovetop. 

When to wash by hand 

Naturally, products which contain wooden or leather details are not suitable for dishwashers, or ovens, and should be washed by hand. 

A cotton product may shrink in the first wash. After washing, reshape the item into its original size. Cotton is best ironed when slightly damp.