Can I order online and pay by invoice?

We offer the option to pay by invoice for customers in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the UK.

Why do I have to pay with Klarna?

In our online store, all payment transactions are carried out by payment service provider Klarna AB. Our customers have a wide selection of payment options to choose from.

Why is my social security number asked for at the checkout?

With your social security number Klarna AB verifies your creditworthiness and provides you with broader payment options. If you do not want to give your social security number, you can make a card payment or use your online banking codes.

Why do you ask me to contact Klarna myself?

Customers have to contact Klarna personally for security reasons. Klarna does not grant access to your personal information to any third party.

When I look up my order on the Klarna website, my status is ‘deleted’. Why is that?

The invoice is active in your Klarna account for two weeks. If the invoice is not activated within 14 days, the status will change to ‘deleted’ until it is reactivated in connection with the delivery. If you have received your order but no invoice, please contact our customer service.