Cotton twill is a dense fabric type hailed for its durability and versatility. Because of these properties, cotton twill is used for jeans and other durable items.

Heavy cotton twill

The single best thing you can do to maintain the original color and shape of your cotton twill garment is washing it as little as possible.

Refreshing & washing

Airing is an excellent way to make your cotton twill item feel fresh again. When it’s finally time to washing the garment, check the care label for exact instructions. Always wash inside-out with like colors. Hang to dry afterward.

Skip the softener
   Elastane is sometimes used in cotton twill garments for extra comfort and stretch. If your item contains elastane, refrain from using a fabric softener.   

Let it rest

Let your garment rest between wears. This gives the fabric a bit of time to recover and return to its original shape.


We recommend storing your cotton twill garments on a hanger or folded in an airy space.