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Bold start for the new season

Katleija — a sense of growth. Design by Paavo Halonen.

In 2019, we invite you to join us in exploring different interpretations of boldness and empowerment through joy and self-expression.
To be bold is to be true to your nature.
 The new Katleija (cattleya) pattern, created using paper cut-outs, is composed of flowering sprigs that convey a sense of repeating movement and growth. 

Inspiration for renewal

Start the new year fresh and be inspired by nature's positive energy. Greet the new season with an empowering new dress and of-the-moment accessories. A new bag and stylish ankle boots will finish up any outfit.

The Lauluni Katleija dress pairs vibrant colours with a feminine silhouette - tie the bow, and you are ready for anything.

The long, beautifully flowing Sarastukselle Katleija dress combines earthy tones.

The Heijastus Katleija dress in a deep green and light pink colourway will carry you to the new year with a can-do attitude.

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