Leather is a natural and incredibly durable material. Take good care of it, and your leather item will age beautifully with time. Please make sure to check the care label for exact instructions on how to best care for your item.


You can wipe away dust and dirt with a soft brush or damp cloth. We recommend using special leather care products to protect and spot clean your leather items. When a thorough cleaning is needed, use a professional leather cleaning service.

Drying wet leather

Should your leather product get wet, allow it to dry slowly at room temperature. You can dab the item with a clean, light-colored cloth, but don’t attempt to speed up the drying process with a hairdryer or any other heat source.

About vachetta
Vachetta is a vegetable-tanned leather that turns a charming dark color with age. Leather care products may speed up the change. The patina protects vachetta items, but because it is otherwise untreated, it is sensitive to moisture, dirt and scrapes. Store your vachetta product in a cotton pouch.
Marimekko Karla bag.

About nubuck

Nubuck leather is a soft material with a fine surface. Nubuck is sensitive to moisture and dirt, which is why it should be treated with a leather protector – always test somewhere inconspicuous first. Nubuck leather can be brushed clean with a special eraser or brush meant for nubuck.

About coated leather

Leather items can be coated with different types of special finishes such as lacquer, foil, or polyurethane, which may affect your leather item’s characteristics and care – always check the care label for exact instructions.

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