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This is Marimade:​ Multifunctional everyday objects

Creative play. Don’t you love that phrase? At Marimekko, we sure do. There is magic to randomness that unlocks our understanding of the world. With our new fun grab & go home series Marimade, we want to keep you well equipped in the most random of moments and draw attention to the significance of ordinary things in our daily lives.​

Marimade is our creative playground where we innovate, experiment, and collaborate to design multifunctional everyday objects with materials that are kinder to the planet. The products feature recycled, upcycled or bio-based materials celebrating the unexpected beauty of life. Pretty random.

Discover a sustainable series of grab & go items

Marimade Creative Hub – Ready to play a little?​

Ordinary items, endless ways to use them. We’ve collected a couple of random examples to get your inspiration flowing.

House plant in a tote bag

The Marimade tote bag will turn a regular planter into an eye-catching decorative piece in an instant. Slip your house plant and its planter into the tote bag and fold the handles inside the bag, if that’s more to your liking. House plants with plenty of leaves, such as palms, monsteras and Araceae, look nice and casual sprouting out of the bag. Make sure that your grow pot is inside a decorative planter so that water won’t stain the tote.

Flower arrangements in a bottle

A laid-back and spontaneous flower arrangement can be put together in a drinking bottle by mixing flower shop flowers with plants picked from the roadside. Pairing the common with unique and earth tones with candy colors make for an interesting and playful arrangement.

A gift within a gift 

A tote bag can be used for unique gift wrapping – and it’s definitely multiuse! Slip your gift to the bottom of the tote. Fold the handles inside the bag and close the bag’s mouth with ribbon. Gifts of different shapes and sizes can be wrapped in a tote bag. Best of all, the tote can be used for rewrapping gifts for many, many years to come. The recipient of the gift can pay it forward the next time they’re giving a gift – or they can keep the tote and use it for countless different purposes.

From napkins to miniature pillows

Take two cloth napkins, sew three straight seams with a machine or by hand, insert a pillow, stitch the fourth seam. Voilà, your decorative pillow is ready!

Lunch box for art supplies

Paint tubes, crayons and other necessary supplies for home artists are kept tidy in a lunch box with a tight lid. The box is easy to take with you, for whenever the inspiration strikes. When painting with water soluble paints, the lid doubles as a handy palette.

Create a composition – table runner from cloth napkins

Have fun by pairing patterns according to your taste and sew a table runner from cloth napkins. Different patterns create a unique composition. If you’re having loads of fun, sew together several runners, each approximately 30–40 cm longer than your table. You can create a modern table runner setting by placing the runners horizontally across the table: ta-da, you have Japanese-style table mats!

Discover a sustainable series of grab & go items

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