Marimekko Artist Series: Sabine Finkenauer

The Marimekko Artist Series invites emerging and celebrated artists to collaborate on exclusive Marimekko capsule collections.

The series was introduced to push the art of printmaking into uncharted waters and give creatives a new canvas on which to present their work. Featured artists echo Marimekko’s design philosophy, bold aesthetic, and optimism while offering a fresh lens for viewing art.

Each artist collaboration requires custom techniques and special printing methods to achieve an authentic result that is respectful to the artist’s unique imprint.

Expression of art in everyday objects
This edit of the Marimekko Artist Series introduces seven exclusive Sabine Finkenauer artworks on a range of ceramics and home textile products. The new capsule will be available in August 2023. Sabine Finkenauer, a German artist based in Barcelona, is celebrated for her geometrically accurate and rhythmic artworks that use simple everyday subjects and shapes to create a meticulous interplay of representative and abstract expression. Sabine’s equally exquisite and approachable art pieces are created by hand using vividly colored oil pastels and a variety of techniques.
Landon Metz collection
Landon Metz collection
The greatest beauty lies in simplicity
An artist originally specialized in sculpture, Sabine Finkenauer’s works are regularly showcased at galleries and institutions in Europe, the United States, and South America. Her artistic method can be defined as a game whose rules the artist establishes by playing and, above all, an aspiration for simplicity, in which she believes the greatest beauty resides. Over the years, all this has crystallized into a vocabulary of simple and bold shapes inspired by ornament and geometry.

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Marimekko at Milan Design Week 2023

The Marimekko Artist Series collaboration with Sabine Finkenauer was launched with a week-long exhibition at Milan Design Week in April 2023. The entire creative process, from artwork sketches to final products, was showcased in a conceptual and abstract installation.

Storied artworks
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