Heritage meets the future. Iconic design reinterpreted.

Marimekko Co-createdMarimekko Co-created
Marimekko Co-createdMarimekko Co-created

To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we have invited interesting creatives from around the world to freely reinterpret Marimekko’s design language and philosophy with surprising new elements. Marimekko Co-created brings you four capsule collections for 2021. 

Marimekko Armi RatiaMarimekko Armi Ratia
Marimekko Co-createdMarimekko Co-created

The wearable art pieces

The first capsule was created in collaboration with award-winning Finnish designers Antti Kekki and Matts Bjolin. The limited-edition capsule combines the iconic Maija Isola prints Unikko (poppy), Kivet (stones) and Lokki (seagull) with our founder Armi Ratia’s quotes and archive photographs from three decades into a heritage-inspired collage with a contemporary edge. In addition to new styles, the lifestyle collection also brings you home items.

Meet the creatives

Marimekko KioskiMarimekko Kioski

Antti Kekki is a Helsinki-based graphic designer, illustrator and surface designer. He enjoys bold colors, improvisation and handicraft. Antti’s works usually rely on simple collage technique in which different forms are cut from paper and carefully arranged in playful ensembles.

Matts Bjolin is an art director and multi-disciplinary designer based in Helsinki. He often finds inspiration from fashion and pop-cultural phenomena. Matts appreciates surprising and contrasting juxtapositions both in his work and leisure, sharing his time between the city and the remote countryside.

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