Marimekko returns to New York
After a short spell, we saw a sign to return to New York. We noticed that Marimekko and New Yorkers share a brightness of spirit—excitement and optimism spring from small unexpected moments every day. Marimekko, 97 Wooster St. is a place to nourish these surprises. The store carries the experiential essence of Marimekko Kreative in Copenhagen with a Manhattan twist.

Signs of joy

You may notice that there’s a feeling of unfinished business about the space. That’s because it’s a constant work-in-progress, with room to blossom from experiences, influences, and years—like ourselves. In the beating heart of Soho, our newest concept store is a space for joyful creativity and intimate dialogue. Explore our offbeat way of life, experience the sparks of creativity, and meet friends, old and new.

We sift back through recollections of joy Marimekko brought to New York and look forward to more at our new Wooster St. store.​