We are proud of you

Join us in celebrating International Women's Week 

At Marimekko, strong female figures have always empowered others. Leading the way, Marimekko’s founder Armi Ratia was an extraordinary entrepreneur and a trailblazer already in the early 1950s. 

In our creative community, whether working in design, in stores, at the printing mill or in management – all paths have been open for everyone.

We are proud of our radiant colleagues from around the world. Now we've asked them what are the most valuable lessons they've learned.
Heidi ChengHeidi Cheng

Heidi Cheng
Asia Marketing Manager

"Instead of comparing yourself to others, get to know yourself better and let your inner voice speak louder."

Ivonna YoungIvonna Young

Ivonna Young
North America Marketing Manager

"You’ll worry less about what people think of you when you realize how rarely they do."

Elina AnckarElina Anckar

Elina Anckar
Chief Financial Officer

 "I have learned to trust my intuition. Always."

Tina BromanTina Broman

Tina Broman
Chief Supply Chain and Product Officer

"Invest in true friendships as they are the most important thing in life that can't be bought with money."

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Marimekko and Plan

In celebration of International Women’s Week, Marimekko and Plan International are helping 400 young women in Ethiopia and Uganda to achieve their professional dreams by supporting them in developing their IT skills. They will be taught how to use the Internet and office software, programming and image processing. These skills will enhance their ability to gather information and to find employment.