Viscose is a modified cellulose fiber with a soft feel and a pleasant faint sheen. Viscose does not cling with static. To properly take care of your viscose garments, always check the care label for exact instructions. 


To avoid chafing and laundry wrinkles, we recommend washing viscose products inside-out with plenty of water either by hand or with a delicate care program in the washing machine. Please do not soak viscose items.  

Skip the softeners

Please do not use softeners for viscose as they may weaken the fabric. Carefully reshape the product into its original shape while damp and hang to dry, or alternatively dry flat. 

Viscose may feel stiff after washing, but it will soften once it dries and after it is ironed. Iron your viscose items through a damp cloth. Ironing also helps in restoring the product into its original size, shape and feel. 
Iron your viscose items through a damp cloth.


We recommend storing your viscose items on a right-sized hanger in an airy space. 


Silk items are best ironed on the reverse side through a damp cloth. Please use appropriate heat.