Wool is a wonderful material with superior insulation performance, moisture absorbency, and elasticity.


Wool is a natural fiber that’s highly resistant to stains. Airing your wool garment is usually enough to keep it clean and fresh. The ideal weather for airing is cold and damp.


When it’s finally time to wash the item, please make sure to check the care label for exact instructions.

Removing pilling
Pilling (the small fuzzy balls of short fibers) sometimes occur on a wool-blend item, especially when it’s new. Minor pilling is typical of all-natural fiber products with a soft surface. The easiest way to remove pilling is with a wool comb or simply use your fingers to pick the fuzzy pills.


When storing your wool items, fold them up and keep them in an airy space.


Silk items are best ironed on the reverse side through a damp cloth. Please use appropriate heat.