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Róisín Murphy: Artistic growth

"It's a bit crap being human. But at least we have art."

Electronic pop goddess. Globally acclaimed artist. Singer. Songwriter. Fashion explorer. Mercury prize winner. Complex boss lady in search of the perfect track.

Marimekko Growth Stories Roisin Murphy

Aitoa shirt (coming week 12)

Marimekko Growth Stories Roisin Murphy

Napitus shirt and Martha trousers (coming week 13)

Róisín Murphy has many talents and she's taking every opportunity to make art out of all of them. Watch Róisín Murphy share her view on being an artist.

She's wearing her favourite picks from Marimekko Pre-Spring and Spring-Summer 2018 collection.

Watch the video and show us love with #GrowthStories. At least we have art!