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10 years of Oiva 

Join the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Oiva tableware. Designed by Sami Ruotsalainen in 2009, Oiva (superb) is a contemporary classic at the heart of Marimekko's tabletop collection. 

Sami Ruotsalainen, a member of Marimekko's creative community since 2001, combines precision with a delicate feeling for materials and form. His brief for Oiva was to design tableware that would be strong enough to stand alone but would also work together with Marimekko's distinctive prints.

Designer Sami Ruotsalainen

Sketching Oiva

The Oiva tableware is suited for everyday life and special occasions alike. The functional yet playful collection encourages mixing and matching shapes and patterns freely — and gathering around the table to enjoy good company.

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Once the form for the tableware had been found, Maija Louekari created the beloved Siirtolapuutarha (city garden) and Räsymatto (rag rug) patterns to complement Oiva's shapes.

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Designer Maija Louekari

To mark the jubilee year 2019, selected Oiva pieces and Räsymatto textiles have been given festive golden accents. The dazzling flowers in Maija Louekari's new Eläköön elämä (long live life) pattern bloom in celebration of the anniversary of the Siirtolapuutarha design. 

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In 2019, we will celebrate Oiva throughout the year. Follow the festivities and share your Oiva stories with #oivamoment. Together for years to come.

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