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Revamped Marimekko flagship store opens in Tokyo

The revamped Marimekko flagship store in Tokyo opened its doors on 31 August 2018. The flagship, located in a standalone building in the popular Omotesando district, is one of the most important Marimekko stores globally. 

"The revamped flagship store now opening in Tokyo enables us to expand and deepen the strong awareness and loyal fan base we already have in Japan. Moreover, Tokyo is one of the leading centres of fashion and design, and therefore the flagship as the embodiment of our brand plays a significant role in our growth strategy for the Asia-Pacific. 

"We believe that our home-inspired store concept reflecting genuine, sustainable and cheerful values will offer an even more fascinating holistic customer experience to both existing and new friends of Marimekko. Emotional and experiential stores alongside the availability provided by e-commerce are important factors in building strong brands. Consumers' loyalty is increasingly based on the values a brand represents. In the fashion and design sector, genuineness, sustainability and timelessness are gaining prominence as consumers' decision-making criteria in addition to personal self-expression. At Marimekko, we see these trends in consumer behaviour as a natural opportunity to stand out," says Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko, President and CEO of Marimekko.

The revamped Marimekko flagship store in Tokyo

At the end of September, one new store will also be opened in Japan, after which there will be 14 Marimekko stores in Greater Tokyo. All in all, 37 Marimekko stores, including an online shop, serve customers in Japan at the moment.

The revamped flagship was designed by Marimekko's shop design team, based on the store concept created for Marimekko by the international Pentagram design agency. After Stockholm, the Tokyo store is the second flagship store outside Finland that is based on the new concept. Other stores where the concept has been applied include Marimekko stores in Oslo, Bangkok, Melbourne and Shanghai. Altogether there are some 160 Marimekko stores around the world.

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