Marimekko coats are all about simple silhouettes, bold patterns, and thoughtful details.  
Round off your fall/winter rotation with playful accessories. 


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    marimekko Balanssi Unikko jacket black, light yellow, off-white
    marimekko Balanssi Unikko jacket black, light yellow, off-white 2
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In a world where fashion meets art, Marimekko presents a remarkable range of coats that echo a rich heritage of printmaking and a commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Through the innovative use of floral and graphic patterns, our pieces breathe life into the contemporary fashion landscape.

As pioneers in the art of printmaking, our collection draws heavily on a rich palette of vibrant and timeless designs, making each piece a canvas that showcases both the craft and the joy infused in it. The oversized, relaxed, and loose fit silhouettes have been carefully chosen to encapsulate the spirit of optimism that is a trademark of the Marimekko brand, offering comfort without compromising on style.

Immerse yourself in a world where the playful meets the bold, as each piece promises a journey of discovery and wonder. Our contemporary coats, marked by their distinctive patterns and quality craftsmanship, beckon you to embrace a more colorful world, teeming with imagination and zest for life.

Celebrate the art of fashion with Marimekko, where every coat and jacket serve as an ode to the vibrant and diverse tapestry that shapes our world, inviting you to become a part of a global community that values uniqueness and individuality. Join us in a fashion revolution that marries the bold with the functional, the contemporary with the timeless, in a harmonious blend that is quintessentially Marimekko.