Tasaraita – even stripes for equality

In 1968 Marimekko's designer Annika Rimala created a new symbol for the era of unisex. Evenly striped, truly timeless. 

Portrayal of the Marimekko woman by photojournalist Meeri Koutaniemi and artist Paula Vesala.

PRO EQUALITY - THEN & NOW. The year 1968 was a time of reformist, fervent and brave ideas and actions. Passionate battles for equality were fought across the world. The battle also extended to fashion and decorative arts, bringing to the fore the concept of anonymous design.

This is when designer Annika Rimala created Marimekko's first cotton jersey collection, Tasaraita (even stripe), which was an immediate success. A symbol of equality, Tasaraita has become a classic beloved by people all around the world.

Marimekko Tasaraita

Marimekko's designer Annika Rimala was also a supporter of anonymity in design. She wanted to create timeless, anonymous everyday clothes that suited everyone, regardless of age or sex. Today, Tasaraita is a beloved and functional series of Marimekko classics beloved by people all around the world. 

Tasaraita classics