Gifts of timeless joy

Sweet treats & summer bliss

It’s time to celebrate life’s meaningful moments with vibrant prints, minimalistic shapes and beautiful shades. Marimekko’s new home selection is brimming with sweet treats and summer bliss.

Marimekko lahjaideatMarimekko lahjaideat

Our carefully curated collection of clean-lined vases, the playful and practical Oiva (superb) tableware and our colorful home textiles are timeless gifts that will bring joy for years to come.

Marimekko kodintuotteetMarimekko kodintuotteet
Marimekko kodintuotteetMarimekko kodintuotteet

Give the gift of timeless joy

Marimekko kodintuotteetMarimekko kodintuotteet

The dream-like Mansikkavuoret (strawberry mountains) pattern was designed by Maija Isola in 1969.

A Marimekko gift card is always a cheerful surprise that will brighten up the day.

Marimekko lahjakorttiMarimekko lahjakortti