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Invitation to adventure

Viidakko – bold and blossoming. Design by Pentti Rinta.

Designed in 1981, the Viidakko (jungle) pattern is with its huge tropical fantasy flowers like an invitation to adventure.
Pentti Rinta's design work for Marimekko from 1969 to 1987 was characterised by versatility. He was equally adept at creating small and restrained prints or impressive, eye-catching patterns.

Fall in love with fantasy flowers

This season is all about the power of liberating silhouettes. The airy and bright Viidakko pieces belong to a blossoming wardrobe.

The flowing Kutitus, Oivallus and Ainainen dresses show liberating silhouettes at their purest.

The Innokkuus and Aistimus shirts feature an adorable sweetheart neckline in the front.

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