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Flowers for all occasions

Auringon alla — a ray of sunshine. Design by Maija Louekari.

The Auringon alla (under the sun) design was born from a yearning to travel to warm countries during the grey months of the year. The flowers in the pattern bring back holiday memories and add a ray of sunshine and some exoticism to everyday life.

Maija Louekari's work is built around functional yet imaginative designs that keep surprising us with their playfulness and novelty again and again.

"Patterns are natural storytellers. I like bright colours and their seemingly random combinations. At their best, colours can cheer you up and brighten your day."

Maija Louekari 

Choose flowers that never fade

There are so many different ways to blossom — pick your timeless style.

The Auringon alla dresses with their quirky details represent a joyful ode to greenery and floral abundance. Pick colours or go for monochromatic bloom.

Finish up your attire with matching — or contrasting — accessories.

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