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The Marimekko design philosophy is independent of changing trends. It’s rooted in an optimistic lifestyle and a genuine desire to inspire through timeless and functional design.

Life in a shirt – Jokapoika since 1956

The most sustainable garment is the most long-lasting one. Hence, to earn its place in the world, every Marimekko piece is born out of an ambitious goal to bring joy for generations to come. The Jokapoika (every boy) shirt is a true epitome of timeless design, having been in continuous production since 1956. Today, this gender-fluid classic is worn in inventive ways by creative thinkers and doers worldwide.

In 1953, Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi created Piccolo, a striped fabric pattern painted with vivid brushstrokes. Three years later, a match was made in heaven when Vuokko used the instantly beloved pattern to create the first generation of Jokapoika shirts.

The eco-conscious colorways

The iconic Jokapoika is available in all Marimekko collections in contemporary colorways, and this fall also innovatively printed with a plant-based dye, natural indigo, and with colors mixed from dyes left over from our own printing production in the Herttoniemi printing factory in Helsinki.

Marimekko aims to reduce its use of chemicals and find environmentally friendlier alternatives to the substances typically used in the textile industry.

Introducing: Marimekko Upcycled  

To reinforce the idea of uniqueness further, we are committed to searching for new innovative ways to do things differently. We’re happy to introduce Marimekko Upcycled, a pilot concept that brings you a limited edition of reworked Marimekko pieces. This Upcycled capsule has been designed and reconstructed by hand from seasonal Jokapoika shirts at the Marimekko atelier using a modern patchwork technique.