Mansur Gavriel x Marimekko
Mansur Gavriel x Marimekko

The Mansur Gavriel x Marimekko capsule collection celebrates the joy the strawberry, and both brands, bring to the table. Five limited-edition bag styles marry the bold sweetness of Marimekko’s prints with Mansur Gavriel’s iconic silhouettes.

There’s one fruit that glistens and oozes a touch more than the rest. It’s the shape of a heart, an icon of happiness, a spark of inspiration. You might have dreamt of it. Such dreams translate to picking the fruits of your success. But have you worn it? It’s summer bliss that never leaves your side. 

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Mansur Gavriel x Marimekko

An obsession with the simple beauty in color, nature, and form planted the seed for this thrilling new collaboration. Marimekko and Mansur Gavriel dedicate their practices to the art of timeless design. Uncompromising in quality, Marimekko’s fabrics are printed in our Helsinki mill, while the bags are handcrafted in Mansur Gavriel’s Italian factory.

Mansur Gavriel

Founded in 2012, Mansur Gavriel redefines luxury through its distinctive approach to color and form. Born out of a passion for art and design, Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel created two simple and iconic silhouettes — launching with just a bucket and tote. From there, the brand has been built as a reflection of individuality with modern bags and shoes made from exceptional materials. 

Art of printmaking since 1951
The unmistakable Marimekko prints have been worn as bold badges of positivity and personal empowerment for more than seventy years.