Even stripes for equality

Empowering people to be happy just as they are


Marimekko was founded in 1951 by the visionary Armi Ratia, and since the beginning, Armi’s dream was to empower people to be happy just as they are and to boldly express themselves through original prints and colors.

The Tasaraita (even stripe) print was born in 1968 when Marimekko designer Annika Rimala created a collection of cotton jersey clothes for everyone – irrespective of age, size or gender expression. Still today, this stripy classic is Marimekko’s symbol of equality.

Marimekko Helsinki Pride 2020Marimekko Helsinki Pride 2020

Changing the world with Pride

Equality and authenticity have been important values for Marimekko since our earliest days. To actively promote the discussion around equal rights, we have proudly been one of the official partners of the rainbow-colored culture and human rights event Helsinki Pride since 2018.

As a part of showing our support to the LGBTQI+ community in Finland, during Helsinki Pride Week 2020 our Aleksinkulma store window showcases an installation co-created by young artists Aro Mielonen and Viljami Nissi.

Aro Mielonen (b.1992)
Through exploring his gender and then transitioning from female to male, Aro Mielonen has lived in many different roles and faced a variety of expectations. In his photography, Aro mirrors masculinity through femininity and the insecurities of youth. Aro studies at Turku Arts Academy.

Viljami Nissi (b.1994)
Viljami Nissi is a Helsinki-based LGBTQI+ artist, who has studied at the Kankaanpää School of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Examining masculinity in his visual art, he has gained popularity, especially in Central Europe.

“In our art, we have both ended up exploring masculinity and its different side effects. For this minimalistic window installation, we wanted to combine our current artwork in a thematically and visually interesting way.”
Aro Mielonen & Viljami Nissi

Limited edition Lyhythiha t-shirt
Official product of Helsinki Pride

The Lyhythiha t-shirt is made of cotton jersey in the Tasaraita (even stripe) pattern.

Limited edition Notko shopper
Official product of Helsinki Pride

The Notko shopper in lightweight cotton canvas has two sturdy handles and can easily fit all of your everyday essentials.