The science of sustainable fashion

University professors and fashion designers usually don’t have much in common. But this is anything but business as usual. For several years, Marimekko has collaborated with Aalto University and the University of Helsinki on developing new biodegradable fibers for more sustainable textile production.

From birch to fabric

The research project aims to develop a birch-cellulose fiber made with a so-called Ioncell® solvent method. Fabric made fromthe Ioncell® fiber bio-based and produced without any harmful chemicals. The solvent is even reusable, which strongly reduces its environmental impact. On top of that, the material has proven stronger than other cellulose-based fibers, like viscoseor cotton.

Photo: Mitchell Orr © Unsplash
Closer to the clothesline

The case for
Ioncell® fibers

1. The Ioncell® process uses a novel solvent called ionic liquid. It’s an environmentally friendly solvent that can be recycled and isn’t flammable like many others.

2. The fibers are soft yet strong, even when wet. They’re durable and work well in both clothing and technical applications.

3. The Ioncell® process could revolutionize how textile waste is treated andrecycled, bringing brand new life to discarded clothes.

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