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Heavy cotton twill

Cotton twill is a dense fabric used for jeans and other clothing. It is best known for its longevity and versatility.

Marimekko care guide heavy cotton twill
Marimekko care guide heavy cotton twill

To maintain the original color and shape of your cotton twill garment, remember this — wash less.

Care tip #1

Airing is a good way to make your cotton twill item feel fresh again. When it is time to wash the garment, check the care label for exact instructions. Always wash inside out with like colors, and follow the washing temperature given. Hang to dry.

Care tip #2

Elastane is sometimes used in cotton twill garments for comfort and stretch. With products containing elastane, it is advisable not to use fabric softener. Let your garment rest between wears to recover and return to its original shape.

Care tip #3

We recommend storing cotton twill garments on a hanger or folded up in an airy space.

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