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Wool blends

Wool-blend garments combine the natural appearance and warmth of wool with added strength and luster.

Marimekko Care Guide wool blends
Marimekko Care Guide wool blends

To best take care of your wool-blend products, always check the care label for exact instructions.

Care tip #1

Since wool is resistant to stains, airing is usually enough to make your wool-blend item feel clean and fresh again. It is advisable to remove small stains as quickly as possible by brushing or spot cleaning gently.

Care tip #2

Pilling (the formation of small balls or fuzz) may occur on the surface of a wool-blend item because of abrasion, especially when it is new. Pilling is best removed by brushing the product with a soft brush.

Care tip #3

We recommend storing wool-blend garments on a sturdy hanger in an airy space. Off-season, use a garment bag.

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