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Marimekko's Christmas City

Lotta Nieminen is a graphic designer and illustrator who hails from Helsinki, but who has lived and worked in New York for the last five years. For Marimekko's holiday season, she has created a joyful illustration featuring a colourful cityscape. Lotta has also drawn the playful characters appearing on our website. 

A city preparing for the holidays captivates the imagination. Every building is home to many hidden stories, each city dweller has his or her own tale to tell. Streetlights, bridges, chimneys, snow-covered roofs - all whisper their own secrets.  

When sketching the illustration, Lotta said she was inspired by the cheerful and warm colours of Marimekko's new winter collection. She even found some wonderful gifts in the collection: a silk shirt and trousers with the Pikku Suomu (small fish scale) pattern for herself, and an Oiva (superb) teapot for a good friend.  

Lotta's holiday illustrations can also be seen in Marimekko stores.



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