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Reserve online, collect and pay in store

It's our pleasure to introduce a new service at – you can now reserve the item you want to buy easily online, and after confirmation, within two days collect and pay it in our store. At the moment, the service is available in the Marimekko Frankfurt store, Germany.  

How does it work? You will find the new feature on the product page by clicking "Check store availability". After choosing your city, you will see the in-store availability, and you can make your reservation request. It's as easy as that!

The in-store availability information helps you to plan your Marimekko purchases: you will find out where the products are available – and whether they are almost out of stock.

1. Reserve only the product you want to buy.
2. Your reservation is valid when you receive an email confirmation from the store. 3. After confirmation, you have two days to collect your reservation.
4. If the reservation is not collected within two days, it will be cancelled automatically.

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