Marimekko Kioski
The Art of Printmaking Edition

The new edition of Marimekko Kioski shines the spotlight on the very core of Marimekko, the art of printmaking. Our iconic prints and colors take on all new dimensions in the season’s relaxed pieces.

Marimekko Kioski Marimekko Kioski
Marimekko KioskiMarimekko Kioski

Exploring the art of printmaking

The new Kioski campaign delves into Marimekko’s art of printmaking from new perspectives. The director of the campaign film, Finnish artist Sofia Okkonen, offers you a peek at the process of printmaking as Long and Priya, our street-casted models, explore Marimekko’s printing factory in Helsinki.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, producer and DJ River Yarra has created a compelling piece of music for the film by using the omnipresent sounds of our factory.

Marimekko KioskiMarimekko Kioski

Marimekko Kioski is a gender-neutral streetwear collection that presents our most iconic prints, redefined for a wardrobe without limitations. Marimekko Kioski is available online and in selected stores worldwide.

Meet the creatives

Get to know the people behind the new Kioski campaign. 

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