Meet our friends: Trine Kjaer on effortless style and Copenhagen city life
  One of our favorite people in the Nordics, Trine Kjaer, is a creative spirit known for her relaxed yet timeless wardrobe. We were happy to host her at the Marimekko Kreative pop-up – and discuss her mood-boosting style.
Marimekko Journal Trine Kjaer Copenhagen

Hi Trine, we love your effortless and playful style. What’s your secret?

To never overthink it. I love combining different colors and patterns, and new with vintage – to me, that’s what makes a look playful. I almost never plan an outfit ahead. I like to spontaneously style my outfit to reflect my daily mood.

What kind of criteria do you have for building a long-lasting wardrobe?

My wardrobe is a combination of basics in great materials (jeans, t-shirts, knits, tailored pants etc.) and more playful pieces like vintage tuxedo-inspired blazers, colorful shirts, and bags in all the colors of the rainbow. All items can be mixed and matched, and that’s essential to me. Whenever I buy a new item, I need to visualize at least 5 ways I can style it.

What turns a piece of clothing into a wardrobe essential?

Sometimes you just know when you get a new piece that this one will be a wardrobe favorite, and sometimes an item just randomly ends up as a wardrobe essential. It’s those items that are easy to wear and combine – and make you feel like the best version of yourself. 

Your best tips for relaxed yet refined contemporary dressing?
Mixing masculine and feminine items. Almost half of my wardrobe is pretty unisex in its shape and look. I love mixing these items with my more feminine pieces – like masculine running shoes with dresses or a suit with a feminine beaded top. I also like to add sporty items to my wardrobe. It gives an understated and cool vibe to any look. And I’m never afraid of mixing colors and patterns.
Marimekko Journal Trine Kjaer Copenhagen

What are your favorite Marimekko Kioski pieces – and why? 

There are so many great pieces, but if you need to pick one, it must be the striped Tasaraita shirt. It’s a wardrobe classic and can be used all year round. 

You’re the epitome of a Copenhagen girl. How has the city inspired your everyday style?

I love that people in Copenhagen dress to live. We want to look good, but we also think of the practicality of a look. Can you bike in it? Does the look work in rain and wind? Does it work for both your job and the afterwork drinks? I love it, because that’s what makes the Copenhagen way of dressing a bit more challenging. And I guess that’s why we’re masters of layering and pairing sporty or practical pieces with formal clothes.

What are Copenhagen’s three best-kept-secret spots?

1. Casamadre restaurant is really a spot only the locals know. The location is pretty far from the center of Copenhagen, and therefore you don’t just stop by as a tourist. The food is amazing and worth the drive. Italian food made by an Italian chef – and the most amazing wines!

2. The Royal Library Garden is a hidden gem if you want to hang outside in Copenhagen. It’s so beautiful and quiet, the perfect little place for a date or a coffee with a friend. 

3. Eighteen Gallery is the sister gallery of the more famous V1. They’re always showing cool upcoming artists.

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