Wool-blend garments have the warmth and natural appearance of wool but with added strength and luster. To take the best possible care of your wool-blend products, always check the care label for exact instructions.


Naturally antibacterial, wool is resistant to stains, so airing is usually enough to make your wool-blend item feel clean and fresh again. Remove small stains as quickly as possible by brushing or gently spot cleaning the article.


We recommend storing your wool-blend garments on a sturdy hanger in an airy space. Use a garment bag for off-season storage.

Take care with the right tools
Minor pilling is typical of natural fiber products with a soft surface. Ideal for taking care of most woolen knitwear items, the Kent clothes brush helps to remove pilling and smooth the surface of the product. The Steamery Pilo 2 fabric shaver is perfect for removing pilling from your smooth-surfaced textiles. Always test on an inconspicuous area first.

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