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Marjut Rahkola

My greatest fashion icon
Maria Blaisse and Vuokko.

The most important thing to remember when decorating a room
Take the time. Not too seriously --the funniest things appear by accident.

My most important mentor
My children, an endless source of inspiration. They teach me a lot!

My creative philosophy
Passion. New, innovative and daring. Simply.

Marimekko and me
Love and retro treasures.

I wish
To be happy in everyday life.

My favorite scent

My first job ever
Candy store salesgirl and a strawberry seller.

My favorite escape
To find the realization where it is not expected. Forms, materials, colors. People and phenomena. To become enlightened in the street during jam or in the waiting line at the cash register.

I relax
When I don't try too much. You need to have the courage to fail.

If I were not working as a designer, I would... whatever. Passion is more important than the title. One miracle is enough for one day.