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Sami Ruotsalainen

I work best when
At the kitchen table, in my own home

My greatest design influence
Travel, cultures, history, everyday life

My best design moment
When I was in Japan in 2002 and did my first work under my own name as a professional designer

My most important mentor
Kristina Isola

The word that best describes my design philosophy
Clean lines and silence

My first memory of Marimekko
The curtains in our auditorium at school

The Marimekko product I use all the time
Tasaraita and men’s knits by Samu-Jussi Koski

When I travel I always take
An iPod and a sketchbook

An Oiva teapot makes a great gift.

The pattern I’m most fascinated with right now
Various textures and surfaces; stripes and small, discreet patterns

The smell that reminds me of childhood
Cinnamon buns and my parents’ colognes

The best Sunday morning music
Carla Bruni

If I were not working as a designer, I would be
A gourmet chef