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Dressed to celebrate

Party-ready looks from head-to-toe! Marimekko's Creative Director Anna Teurnell and designers Satu Maaranen and Mika Piirainen each picked their favourite dress from our fall/winter 2016 collection and styled two outfits for different occasions. Choose your favourite look and add the items straight to your shopping bag.

"For the outfits I styled, I chose the Dariane viscose-crêpe dress with the Pieni Pioni pattern. For special occasions, I always combine some contrasting elements. I also like to play with materials." Satu Maaranen, designer

"What attracts me about the dress I styled, entitled Gill, is its clean monochrome colouring and the liveliness of the Kottarainen (starling) pattern. I like harmonious looks – colourful accessories can be used to give them a twist." Mika Piirainen, designer

"I like to wear clothes that make me feel a bit stronger. I also like layering because I don't want to be cold. Stylish, comfortable and functional - that's what I want my clothes to be. My favourite print is the striped Piccolo design painted by Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi in 1953." Anna Teurnell, Creative Director

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