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Coming soon: Marimekko's archival dresses

Marimekko's spring/summer 2017 collection reintroduces five iconic garments from the 1960s and 1970s. The five iconic pieces are Monrepos, Linjaviitta, Liidokki and Korppi dresses and Kentauri skirt.

Korppi dress, design by Liisa Suvanto in 1974.
Tiet print, design Katsuji Wakisaka.

Linjaviitta dress, Marimekko archive

Linjaviitta dress, design by Annika Rimala in 1966.
Galleria print, design by Vuokko Nurmesniemi in 1957.

Monrepos dress, Marimekko archive dresses

Monrepos dress and Keidas print, design by Annika Rimala in 1967.

Kentauri skirt, Marimekko archive

Kentauri skirt, design by Liisa Suvanto in 1973.
Troija print, design by Katsuji Wakisaka.

The portrayal of the Marimekko women by Meeri Koutaniemi and Paula Vesala

Above: Finnish artist Paula Vesala wearing Marimekko's Liidokki dress in Kirjo print.
Designed by Pentti Rinta in 1974. Photos by photographer Meeri Koutaniemi.

The cotton fabrics used in the new Monrepos, Linjaviitta and Liidokki dresses and the Kentauri skirt
were printed in Marimekko's in-house textile printing factory in Helsinki.

The archival pieces will arrive to Marimekko stores and our online store starting at week 10.

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