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Walking my own path

Throughout its history, Marimekko has encouraged women to be themselves and walk their own path. Our spring/summer 2017 collection is dedicated to courageous women.

Production & Creative Direction by Studio Bon.

Patricia Aliaga DeVall, influencer, model and cognitive science student.

"That I'm comfortable in my own body and soul. I can't say that I love myself 100 percent or that I have found myself completely yet, but I can definitely say that I look forward to doing that one day." –Patricia

Sofia Ellis, musician and singer.

"I can trust myself. I know that I can handle tough things because I have lost many times." –Sofia

Marimekko – Rosanna Plüss

Rosanna Plüss, artist and musician.

"I don't limit myself and I never will. I'm not a person who can focus on one thing only. There are constantly thoughts spinning in my head and I'm very restless, but very concentrated and sharp when it comes down to business. I constantly need to be creative to stay happy." –Rosanna

Olivia Bergman, influencer.

"I'm inspired by strong and creative people who aren't afraid to express themselves and state their opinions. People who allow themselves to be vulnerable and don't have to appear perfect all the time." –Olivia

Production Studio Bon
Creative Direction Studio Bon
Photographer Johan Avedal
Stylist Martin Persson / LUNDLUND
Hair Joanna Rask / MIKAs LOOKs
Make up Louise Linder / MIKAs LOOKs
Photo Assistant Gustaf Hagstrand 
Models Patricia Aliaga DeVall, Rosanna Plüss, Sofia Ellis, Olivia Bergman

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