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Designed together – Marimekko's new home collection

The new collection was built on the creative collaboration between Carina Seth Andersson and Sami Ruotsalainen, the designer of the Oiva tableware. The idea for the new Oiva tableware patterns, Hortensie, Basket and Spaljé, came up at a meeting of Marimekko's design team, when Carina presented her first sketches for the Hortensie print. 

The Hortensie pattern was inspired by the climbing hydrangea that grows on the wall of Carina's summerhouse. She came to the first design team meeting with a paper cutout of her new design.

The cutout, which represented a flowering hydrangea stem, was arranged on top of an Oiva plate. Carina then folded the stem over the edge of the plate. Sami loved the idea that the pattern could be extended both inside and beneath the tableware. For him, it is important that tableware items look beautifully finished from every angle.

“Carina was inspired by the climbing hydrangea that grows on the side of her summerhouse.”

Playing with different pattern sketches, the design team came up with the idea of creating an entire collection of tablesetting items. The floral Hortensie design was complemented by the more graphic Basket and Spaljé patterns, both of which were created by the same paper cutting technique. Sami also had had prototypes of colour-dipped Oiva tableware in his studio for some years, waiting for the right moment. They fit perfectly in the table setting.

Carina gave Sami free creative reign. He made paper cutouts of her designs and arranged them on the tableware. When Carina saw the final proposal, she said that it was perfect. Everything was like it should be. 

“All the textiles in the collection are printed in Helsinki.”

Once everyone had agreed that a new home collection was a great idea, Sami started working on a final design proposal for the collection. He wanted to create a table-setting theme that could be combined with his other Oiva tableware designs. Sami also felt that the new collection had to match the many beloved things people have in their homes.

The collection also includes kitchen textiles, table linen and fabrics that are printed in Marimekko's in-house printing factory in Helsinki.

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