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Symbol of equality

Marimekko's Tasaraita jersey collection by Annika Rimala is a true Finnish design classic. Treasured by men and women around the world, the timeless stripes symbolize equality – a subject that is just as relevant now as it was in 1968 when the collection was designed. 

Celebrating its 100th anniversary it is time to toast to Finland, also a pioneer in equality and women's rights.

Tasa-arvo – Very Finnish Thing

Tasa-arvo means equality, but it also means friendship, courage, and freedom to express oneself, and those never go out of style. Marimekko has always encouraged women to be themselves and walk their own path, which is exemplified in the portrayal of the Marimekko woman by photographer Meeri Koutaniemi and artist Paula Vesala.


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Try this!

Wild blueberries are a true Finnish superfood. These blue and white mini pavlovas taste as good as they look.

Blueberry Mini Pavlovas

Makes around 10 

4 egg whites

250 g caster sugar

2 tbsp corn flour or potato starch

¼ tsp vanilla

1 tbsp white wine vinegar

2 dl whipping cream 

2 dl blueberries or blueberry powder 

Dash of honey and mint leaves (optional)

Preheat the oven to 100ºC. Carefully separate the egg whites and whisk them in a clean bowl until they form peaks. Slowly add in the sugar continuously beating until you have a glossy bowl of meringue. Sprinkle in the corn flour or potato starch and vanilla. Add in the vinegar and gently fold in.Draw approximately 8cm circles on two sheets of greaseproof paper and place the sheets on baking trays. Spoon in the meringue and use a knife to gently fill the circles and to make the meringues slightly hollow in the middle. Put the baking trays into the oven and bake the meringues for two hours. Turn off the heat and leave the trays in the oven for another hour, then take out to cool on wire racks. If you use frozen blueberries, defrost on a sheet of kitchen roll to get rid of extra moisture. Once the meringues have cooled completely, fill them with whipped cream sweetened with a pinch of sugar if you like. Add the blueberries or the blueberry powder on top right before serving. You may want to pour a little honey on top and decorate the pavlovas with mint.

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