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Marimekko's spring/summer 2018 collection

The spring/summer 2018 collection showcases Marimekko's art of print making through a dialogue between prints: iconic archive patterns created in 1950's and 1960's by Maija Isola and Annika Rimala meet contemporary prints by younger-generation designers Paavo Halonen and Erja Hirvi. These bold prints are seen in crisp primary colours of yellow, red and blue as well as botanical green. The design team drew inspiration from personal growth stories, the path we have walked to become who we are today, and Marimekko's rich heritage that serves as a seedbed for its designs of today.
The prints of all woven cotton and linen garments in the collection have received their final form in Marimekko's in-house factory in Helsinki, where around a million metres of fabric are printed every year. The printing mill serves both as a factory and as an innovative hub for Marimekko's creative community.

Stripe moment expressing equality

Marimekko has always been known for its numerous stripe patterns. Throughout the year 2018 Marimekko will celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of its most beloved patterns. In 1968 Annika Rimala created a new symbol for the era of unisex, Tasaraita (evenly striped). The year was a time of reformist and brave ideas and actions. Passionate battles for equality also extended to fashion and decorative arts, bringing to the fore the concept of anonymous design. Marimekko's symbol of equality was born.

The iconic stripe has been part of Marimekko jersey line ever since, and during the anniversary we will see it first time in woven cotton, printed in Marimekko's in-house factory in Helsinki.

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