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Seinabo Sey – A singer-songwriter with a say

In 2019, Zanita Whittington will take us on a journey around the world to meet creatives who are bold by nature.

Zanita met with the talented Swedish singer-songwriter Seinabo Sey in Stockholm to learn what freedom of expression means to her.

The magical performer with a rich voice describes how manifesting strong and sometimes tricky emotions through her music is a source of empowerment. In her music, Seinabo discusses themes such as self-discovery, belonging – and loving yourself the way you are.

"Music is one of the easiest ways to get people together, to share emotions and be honest about it."

– Seinabo Sey

In the film, Seinabo is wearing the iconic Marimekko Unisex Jokapoika (every boy) shirt from 1956 and a shirt in floral Viidakko (jungle) print from 1981.

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