Marimekko Co-created with Sasu Kauppi

To celebrate our 70th anniversary, we have invited interesting creatives from around the world to freely reinterpret Marimekko’s design language and philosophy with surprising new elements. The result is Marimekko Co-created. The second collection was co-created with the internationally acclaimed fashion designer Sasu Kauppi.

Contemporary & comfy

Bringing you an array of comfy, characteristic Sasu Kauppi pieces, the capsule features the iconic Maija Isola prints Appelsiini (orange) and Unikko (poppy) with a focus on playful pattern composition and imaginative colorways. ​

Meet Sasu
Sasu Kauppi is a Helsinki-based fashion designer known for his distinctive style. His eponymous brand SASU KAUPPI was launched in 2011. Kauppi started consulting for Kanye West’s YEEZY in 2014, eventually ending up as the design director and menswear head designer for that brand. After deciding to return to Helsinki in 2016, Kauppi introduced a new brand, SSSU. Constantly balancing between artistic and commercial output, Kauppi continues to work on projects and collaborative briefs within various creative fields including fashion, music and graphic design. The focus for Sasu Kauppi is to design and present well-thought-out products of soft, hard, audible or digital form.

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Marimekko Co-created with Antti Kekki & Matts Bjolin