Marimekko Pre-loved
Coming soon: a second-hand and vintage marketplace

Marimekko Pre-loved is a new dedicated second-hand & vintage marketplace for buying and selling Marimekko pieces. Our concrete manifestation of the true benefits of timeless and long-lasting design. 

Shaped by all of us, Marimekko Pre-loved enables second-hand and vintage treasures to pass from one design lover to the next in an inspiring community of like-minded people who share a passion for bold prints and colors. 

It’s time to pass on the joy and give your Marimekko pieces a second life. And it’s time to start making exciting design discoveries from an ever-evolving selection of pre-loved Marimekko gems. 

In the first phase of the launch, Marimekko Pre-loved will only be available in the brand’s home market Finland, but the service is planned to be extended also to other markets in the near future.

The Marimekko Pre-loved marketplace opens on 25 August 2022.