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Marimekko's Fall/Winter 2017 collection and film by Kacper Kasprzyk at Paris Fashion Week

Finnish design house Marimekko continued its journey at Paris Fashion Week by presenting the Fall/Winter 2017 collection and film at the Finnish embassy on 5 March.

In 2017, the centenary of its home country's independence, Marimekko celebrates the Finnish creative culture and design heritage. The Fall/Winter 2017 collection was inspired by Finnish art, architecture and folklore and the mysticism of national epic Kalevala, and how the influence of Finnish nature can be seen in the country's culture overall.

During the presentation Marimekko also premiered a film, directed by renowned Polish-Swedish fashion photographer and director Kacper Kasprzyk. Filmed in different locations in Helsinki, the film shows the ordinary from an interesting point of view. Kasprzyk was also inspired by the craftsmanship of Marimekko's textile printing factory in Helsinki.

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