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Liselotte Watkins for Marimekko

Liselotte Watkins is a Swedish fashion illustrator, ceramics artist and print designer. She designed her first Marimekko patterns, textile prints Sommar and Britta Maj, for Marimekko's spring/summer 2017 home collection.
Liselotte Watkins for Marimekko

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How would you describe your design style?
My restlessness is both my biggest weakness and biggest strength. Now it feels like I am travelling back in twenty years time when I was working without a computer. I do everything by hand now and then photograph the artwork. After ten years of living in Italy I would say my style is a Swedish-Italian fusion.

What is the story behind the Britta Maj pattern?
Britta and Maj are my middle names. Britta is from my mother's mother and Maj from my father's mother. They are both a source of inspiration for me. Sadly they are no longer here with us, but they are with me forever.

Describe your contribution to Marimekko's world?
Marimekko has always been part of my life me. I wore the brand when I was a kid and I remember the patterns and textiles from that time. I try to tap into the Marimekko DNA but with my aesthetics. A lot of my inspiration comes from the 1970s.

Liselotte Watkins for Marimekko

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