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Magical Christmas sauna 

Although enjoyed all year round, it is at Christmas when sauna feels especially magical. Traditionally heated up with wood and best when shared with friends and family, the gentle warmth of sauna soothes the body and calms down the mind. For an added stimulation, the Finns like to gently beat their skin with vihta - a bundle of leafy birch twigs tied together - but the real essence of sauna lies in the sense of togetherness and tranquillity.

Avanto – Very Finnish Thing

Avanto, a round hole made in ice, is a Finnish way to stay healthy and de-stress during the winter season. A quick dip in icy water rejuvenates the body and brings a feeling of calm ensuring restful sleep and a happy mind.


Try this!

Coarse honey makes a great body scrub - or you can make this spicy sauna treatment. 

Cinnamon and Honey Sauna Scrub

1 dl honey
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp fine sea salt
1 tsp powdered cinnamon

If the coconut oil is solid, place it in a jar in warm water until it liquidises. Then mix all ingredients together in a small bowl. Massage the paste gently all over your body before going to sauna to let the heat do its magic. Rinse off in the shower afterwards.

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